Wintertime – Things to do in Zakopane

After the break

Hello guys!

It’s been a while since our last post. We had little break form travels because of the health problems. Fortunately, we got better and now we’re back again on the way! This time we’ve decided to travel during the winter. We’ve chosen to visit Zakopane, as we fell in love in that city during our last travel to Poland. However, it was the summer at that time, so we coulnd’t see that place at it’s finest. Indeed, it was an amazing trip and there were so many things to do in Zakopane in winter.

things to do in Zakopane

Before our trip to this lovely city, we had been also in Krakow for a few days. From there, we had booked the guided tour to Zakopane with KrakowDirect company. It was very comfortable and interesting transport, as the English speaking driver introduced us with things to do in Zakopane in winter. Actually, we had made our targets’ list and decided to acomplish it during our trip.

Meeting our targets

You don’t have to afraid of getting bored in that city. Although it is very small, it has so much to offer for everyone. People in every age can have a great time in there. We have nevere did winter sports in our loves. However, among the most popular things to do in Zakopane, is to ski. We wanted to face the challenge and surprisingly, even for oursleves, we did! We took one-week course of skiing and everyday were persistently training. Of course, we were skiing only in the small mountains (probably even hills), but we were so proud to try this new experience. Our children couldn’t believe taht until we’ve sent them pictures with the instructor.

After few days in the city, we felt the time preassure. Things to do in Zakopane are endless and time is going so fast. We did as much as we could. Trying traditional Polish dishes (including very fat ones), going for great folk concerts, meeting local people and even partying in clubs was so enjoyable. We tried the hot beer witch is very popular during the wintertime in Poland. Kind of strange, but warming indeed! We got ourselves off to Koscieliska and Chocholowska valley as well. It’s amazing how the landscape can change thanks to the snow. We felt like in some movie, walking among beautiful mountains covered in snow.

To sum up, our winter trip to Poland was very fulfilling journey. Thanks to so many things to do in Zakopane, we had such a wonderful time. This was for us new, interesting experience and we will never forget this city.